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Designed for Flexibility

With intuitive flexibility for easy loading and exterior designs to
match every kitchen, Bosch dishwashers are beautiful inside and out.

What would you do with 30% more loading area1?

Click the kitchen tools you use most to see how they'll fit in your new dishwasher.

  • Third Rack

    The center of our unique V-shaped third rack allows you to easily load specialized culinary tools like whisks and tongs.

  • Third Rack

    Our new third rack easily accommodates larger cooking utensils and cutlery such as cooking knives.

  • Third Rack

    With our third rack, load silverware without bending over. Silverware tines prevent nesting for more targeted cleaning.

  • RackMatic®

    The unique V-shape of our third rack means you don't sacrifice loading capacity in the middle rack. By lowering the RackMatic®, you can load extra tall stemware in the second rack securely.

  • Flexible Third Rack

    Expandable wings on our flexible third rack provide extra room for ramekins, measuring cups and extra-large utensils.

  • RackMatic®

    Fit all your large plates and platters in either the bottom or middle rack, simply by lowering or raising the RackMatic® middle rack.

  • 1. Compared to a Bosch dishwasher with two racks.
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