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Universal Plus Kitchen Machine Combines Multiple Countertop Appliances into One Powerful Unit

Universal Plus Kitchen Machine Combines Multiple Countertop Appliances into One Powerful Unit

The Universal Plus Kitchen Machine is Among the Most Versatile Countertop Appliances on the Market, Offering High Performance and Safety

Premium manufacturer Bosch home appliances arms cooks with its most versatile “secret weapon” for the kitchen: the “Universal Plus” Kitchen Machine.  The Universal Plus is the ultimate stand mixer offering the capabilities of a blender, mixer, food processor and more in a high performance package complete with multiple safety features and a striking modern design. The Universal Plus features a powerful 800-watt motor and an upgraded version of its legendary automatic transmission drive system. The Universal Plus is leading the next generation of Bosch Kitchen Machines that combine multiple countertop appliances into one easy-to-use unit.

“The advent of the Bosch Kitchen Machine more than 50 years ago created a whole new way of thinking about countertop appliances,” Kais Zaiane, director of  consumer products for Bosch home appliances.  “Today, the versatility and power of our Kitchen Machines combine the capabilities of numerous individual appliances, offering home chefs a smart investment.”

Bosch’s new Universal Plus Kitchen Machine brings increased performance to the kitchen counter.  With one of the most powerful motors in its class – a remarkably quiet and efficient 800-watts of power – the Universal Plus delivers precise results for the most intricate recipes.  It offers four speed settings, plus a pulse function, that is all accessible via an easy-to-use knob.  In addition, the kitchen machine’s advanced bottom-drive automatic transmission extends the motor’s life by 4 times, resulting in one of the longest life spans for kitchen machines in the world and ensuring the Universal Plus will be around to make family cooking an easy and rewarding experience for years to come.

The Universal Plus Kitchen Machine’s modern design makes it as stylish as it is useful.  A European-inspired base complemented with smoke grey metallic elements perfectly complements the Universal Plus' design.  No task is too big, or too small, thanks to its large and easy-to-grip 6.5 quart bowl.  From a single egg white whipped to perfection to 15 pounds of bread dough perfectly kneaded, the Universal Plus can handle it all – while suction feet built into the base of the unit offers maximum stability while in use.  Offering the ultimate in versatility, the Universal Plus is compatible with a wide assortment of accessories, including those from the Bosch MUM6 Kitchen Machine Series.  Whether you need a meat grinder, food processor, blender, or even a juicer, the Universal Plus is a multi-function kitchen machine.  Removable, dishwasher-safe parts and accessories make cleaning the Universal plus just as easy as it is to prepare food with this helpful gadget.


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