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TASSIMO by Bosch Fact Sheet

TASSIMO by Bosch Fact Sheet

A perfect tasting cup at just the touch of a button, TASSIMO freshly brews a wide variety of hot beverages, including coffee, cappuccino, latte, crema, tea, espresso and hot chocolate.  TASSIMO offers an extensive selection of premium brand coffee varieties. 

 T DISC Technology

Through patented technology developed and designed by Kraft Foods, the TASSIMO brewer reads the bar code printed on each T DISC to ensure optimal brewing conditions, including the exact water amount and temperature.  Because the brewing takes place inside the T DISC, consumers can prepare different drinks, one after another, with no flavor transfer from cup to cup.  This ensures first-cup freshness and consistent taste every time.

Drink Varieties

Many distinctive beverage brands, including Gevalia, Maxwell House, Suchard, Mastro Lorenzo, Twining’s®, Kenco, Jacob’s, TAZO®, Nabob, Carte Noire Seattle’s Best Coffee®

New T DISC varieties, including Skinny Cappuccino and Iced Coffee flavors, are being introduced, further expanding TASSIMO’s hot beverage choices such as coffee, real milk cappuccino and latte, espresso, cream tea and hot chocolate. 

TASSIMO Brewer by Bosch

  • Simple and fully automatic operation through the one-touch button and integrated LED user interface, delivering beverages in less than 60 seconds
  • T65 brewers feature a liquid crystal display that shows all brewer functions and operating steps, while a cup stand lighting system puts the spotlight on every cup as it is prepared
  • White T20 brewers can be customized with fun color insert options including Mint Green, Strawberry Red, Mint Blue and Hazlenut Brown (each sold separately)
  • Bosch’s exclusive and energy efficient flow-through water heater ensures that there is virtually no pre-heat time and less waiting time between drinks, since it only heats the water needed per beverage
  • Sleek and space-efficient design makes it the perfect complement to any household and is easy to clean

For more information, visit www.tassimodirect.com.  Connect with Bosch at facebook.com/BoschAppliances or on Twitter @BoschAppliances.


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