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New Bosch VitaFresh Refrigeration Technology Automatically Keeps Produce Fresher, Longer

New Bosch VitaFresh Refrigeration Technology Automatically Keeps Produce Fresher, Longer

When Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh and Nutritious Longer, Americans Take Less Trips to the Store; Keep More Green in their Refrigerators and Wallets

New York, NY – June 30, 2010) – Bosch VitaFresh technology will have families seeing more green inside their refrigerators – and in their wallets – as their fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer than when using a conventional refrigerator. 

Available in Bosch’s new French Door refrigerator, VitaFresh utilizes a food preservation technology perfected by Bosch in Europe.  A proprietary high-tech lining within the VitaFresh drawers works with precise climate sensors to automatically maintain the perfect balance of temperature, humidity, and air circulation – without the need to adjust any confusing settings.  This proven technology also preserves vitamins and nutrients that would otherwise deteriorate, so food stays nutritious too. 

“Bosch has conducted extensive research in Europe on the science of freshness.  Based on our findings, we’ve perfected VitaFresh technology so that fruits and vegetables last longer. The results are incredible – with strawberries lasting up to five days, and lettuce lasting up to fourteen days.” said Martin Knobloch, Senior Vice President, Refrigeration, Bosch home appliances.  “VitaFresh is like the fountain of youth for produce.”

The ENERGY STAR®-qualified Bosch French Door refrigerator featuring VitaFresh technology is now available. For more information on VitaFresh go to http://bosch-home.com/us/bosch/vitafresh.html

About Bosch French Door Refrigerator with VitaFresh

VitaFresh Technology

While other refrigerators rely on the user to manually adjust temperature and humidity settings when produce is added in the crisper drawer, VitaFresh automatically creates the optimal storage environment.  The result: fruits and vegetables stay crisp, healthy and delicious, longer.

It’s not just the cold; it’s the humidity, too. VitaFresh technology is a two part system that automatically maintains:

      1. Ideal Temperature

  • Sensors ensure the temperature is consistently at just above freezing, the ideal level for optimized freshness and longer storage results
  • The directional airflow system provides indirect cooling over the VitaFresh drawers.  This prevents dry, cold air from being blown directly against fruits and vegetables and significantly reduces the dry-out effect that shortens storage life.

      2. Automatic Humidity Control

  •  Utilizing technology perfected by Bosch in Europe, a proprietary high-tech lining regulates how much, or how little moisture is required for the type of produce stored in the drawers to keep produce fresher, longer

Efficient Performance

As the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for Appliances, Bosch’s commitment to energy efficiency shines with the introduction of its French Door refrigerator with VitaFresh.

  • The ENERGY STAR-qualified French Door refrigerator is engineered to meet strict efficiency standards and requires less energy, and money, to operate
  • SuperCool™ and SuperFreeze™ modes quickly balance temperatures between cool items and newly placed goods in the fridge and freezer. This helps foods stay fresh by minimizing temperature fluctuations
  • A door open alarm helps prevent energy waste by alerting users when the refrigerator door has been left open


The Bosch French Door refrigerator is equipped with design features that maximize beauty as much as it does convenience, including:

  • All-level LED lighting brightly illuminates every shelf and drawer inside the refrigerator and freezer, ensuring no food gets overlooked or forgotten
  • A flush and frameless ice and water dispenser is accented by stainless steel SteelTouch™ controls, which allows users to make temperature adjustments and access other features with the soft touch of a finger
  • Hidden hinges on the door provide a sleek, built-in look for any kitchen design while providing sturdy support and easy opening
  • A family-sized 25.9 cubic foot storage capacity combined with gallon door bins, split and spill-proof shelving, oversized VitaFresh drawers and a full-width deli drawer allow for flexible storage


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