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Bosch Built-In Benvenuto Offers Gourmet Coffee Experience at Home (on downloaded link)

Bosch Built-In Benvenuto Offers Gourmet Coffee Experience at Home (on downloaded link)

Premium appliance manufacturer, Bosch home appliances offers consumers a gourmet coffee with the Built-in Benvenuto® Coffee Maker. The perfect amenity for consumers seeking a sleek, cutting-edge machine that delivers full-flavored, European quality coffee, the Bosch Benvenuto Coffee Maker is available via the small appliances section of www.bosch-home.com/us.

Winner of the Gold Award for Design Excellence (ADEX), the Bosch Built-in Benvenuto integrates seamlessly into any style of kitchen. Coffee lovers simply add their premium coffee beans and select one of six levels of grind coarseness, depending on strength preference, with a turn of the dial.  Then the revolutionary AromaSwirl System completely engulfs each freshly ground coffee granule with water in a pressurized chamber, extracting all of the flavor from each bean for incredibly rich-tasting coffee. 

The removable water filter protects the machine and extends its service life, while the LCD display indicates the need for a filter change.  As with the free-standing models, the built-in features an easy-to-use digital display, thermo block pressure system, separate chambers for coffee beans and ground coffee, automatic cleaning and descaling, automatic rinsing and extra quiet operation.  The machine also has a programmable timer function for users who like to enjoy their beverage at specific times of the day.

The Built-in Benvenuto offers flexibility through a range of options – from one espresso to two large cups of coffee.  Even the Benvenuto’s cleaning process lends itself to greater tasting coffee and flexibility through the single portion cleaning option.  For the on-the-go user, brewing begins immediately after the foaming process, thus eliminating waiting time.  A frothing attachment for cappuccino and a hot water for tea or hot chocolate, adds to the Benvenuto’s amazing capabilities.  These features and others work together to give users the most flavorful cup of the hot beverage of their choice every time. 


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