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  • Key Features

    Product features

      • Efficiency
      • EcoSmart™ technology features an intelligent network of sensors making Bosch one of the most efficient dryer brands
      • EcoAction™ Option Reduces Energy Usage by up to 10%
      • Bosch is the 2009 ENERGY STAR® partner of the year
        • Performance
        • DynamicAir™ gently dries clothes using moderate heat and high air volume in a one piece stainless steel drum
        • ActiveDry™ engineering for perfect drying results, every time, with all fabrics
        • Air Fluff / No Heat drying cycle with no added heat
        • Wool cycle for gentle drying of delicate fabics
        • Steam Wrinkle Relax cycle relax wrinkles in only 12 min
        • Steam Refresh relax wrinkles and remove odors in 16 min
        • Steam Touch Up refreshes a full load in just 20 min
        • Delicates option to dry items usually only line dried
        • SynchroTechnology® synchronizes dryer cycle and washer spin
        • Active Wear cycle designed to dry exercise & sport clothes
        • Dark Color cycle dries while preventing fading for dark fabrics
          • Thoughtful Engineering
          • 3-way venting for easy installation - back, right, bottom
          • Extended WrinkleBlock® up to 3 hrs. tumbling reduces wrinkles
          • Extremely Quiet Performance: 64 dB
          • One of the quietest dryers in the U.S.
          • Backed by Good Housekeeping Seal, two year limited warranty
          • Heat sensors and intelligent controls prevent overheating
          • Specifications

            General Properties  
            Dryer Type Vented
            Tub Material Stainless steel
            Door ring Stainless steel
            Dial chrome
            Door Hinge Right reversible
            Display Yes
            Start delay time max (h) 12 h
            Status indicator LED
            Adjustable drying temperature Yes
            Interior light Yes
            Linter Filter Indicator Yes
            Moisture monitoring system Eco-Sensor
            Stackability Yes
            Silence level (dBA) 64 dB
            Cycles & Options  
            Number of Options 5
            Delicates Yes
            Timed Dry Yes
            Capacity (cu. ft.) 6.7 Cu Ft
            Approval certificates UL
            Installation Requirements  
            Watts (W) 1,080 W
            Current (A) 10 A
            Volts (V) 120 V
            Frequency (Hz) 60 Hz
            Plug type 120V-3 prong
            Energy Source Electric
            Dimensions & Weight  
            Overall appliance dimensions (HxWxD) (in) 36 7/8'' x 27" x 31 7/8''
            Product packaging dimensions (HxWxD) (in) 38.97 x 29.52 x 34.25
            Power Cord Length 72''
            Net weight (lbs) 126 lbs
            Gross weight (lbs) 138 lbs
            • Care and cleaning instructions for your dryer.

              Warning: To avoid risk of explosion, never use solvents or highly flammable liquids for cleaning. Incorrect cleaning may damage the dryer. Do not spray with a pressure washer. Do not use scouring agents or all-purpose cleaners. Do not use steam cleaners.

              To clean the exterior: Wipe the housing with a soft cloth and soapy water only. Rinse and then dry. Wipe the control panel with a damp cloth.

              To clean the interior: Wipe the drum, door seal and inside of the door with a damp cloth only.

              To clean the lint filter housing: Lint and small debris may accumulate in the lower portion of the lint filter opening. The lint and small debris can be removed with a vacuum cleaner using a cleaning tool that can reach into narrow crevices.

              To clean the lint filter: Run the lint filter under warm water and gently scrub with your fingertips or a soft brush. This should be done monthly. Dry with a soft cloth and reinsert into the housing.

              To clean the condenser in your dryer:  The condenser is also referred to as “air cooler” in the Use & Care Guide.

              1. Unlock and open the maintenance cover at the bottom of the unit next to the vent.
              2. Move both locking levers toward each other and pull out the condenser.
              3. Clean the condenser in warm water and drain completely.
              4. Reinsert the condenser into the dryer and lock both levers.
              5. Close the maintenance cover.
              6. The condenser should be cleaned 3-4 times a year for optimal performance.

              View our How-to-Videos on the Bosch YouTube Channel to learnhow to clean your condenser.

              To clean the moisture sensor: 

              1. Locate the sensor. They are the two bars right next to the lint filter.
              2. Wipe the sensor with a soft cloth and a tiny bit of white vinegar. Only white vinegar can be used.
              3. The sensor should be cleaned once a month for optimal performance.

            • Dryer is not on.

              Door may not be closed. Close the door.

              Your power cord may not be plugged in. Check it and plug in the power cord if necessary.

              You may be experiencing a power outage.

              Power may not be flowing to the socket. Check if electricity is present at the outlet in question by using another small object that runs on electricity (e.g. hairdryer). If electricity is not present, consult an electrician.

              The fuse may have blown or the circuit breaker may be tripped. Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.

              Dryer may not have been installed correctly. Recheck all installation instructions.

              Dryer makes unusual noises, rocks or vibrates.

              If the dryer makes thumping noises: This means the drum suspension rollers need time to warm up. This is normal and no action is required. As the suspension rollers warm up the thumping noise will decrease and should stop within 2 to 3 minutes of dryer use.

              If the dryer rocks or vibrates: Dryer may not be level. Level the dryer according to the installation instructions in the Use & Care Guide. Each foot should carry approximately 25% of the total weight.

              If the dryer makes a rhythmic vibrating noise:

              • The laundry load may be balled up. This causes the load to bounce in the dryer. Stop the dryer, separate the items in your load and restart the dryer.
              • The electric or gas line may be rattling against the dryer. Check to ensure this is not occurring.

              Water is not sprayed into the unit during Steam cycles (only applies to 27” Vision models).

              A cycle without steam may have been selected. Choose a cycle with steam.

              The water tap may not be turned on. Turn on the water tap.

              The nozzle may be dirty thus causing it to not spray water adequately. Wipe the outside of the nozzle with a cloth moistened with white vinegar.

              The nozzle may be blocked. Remove the nozzle using a 7/16” socket wrench. Place the nozzle into a container filled with enough white vinegar to cover the nozzle. Soak for 5 minutes, then gently scrub with a toothbrush to remove residue. Rinse the nozzle in water, dry with a soft cloth and then reinsert it back into the dryer.

              The Aqua-Stop hose (if installed on your product) may have been triggered. It is triggered when there is a leak in the hose. The hose will have to be replaced if a “red dot” is seen in the Aqua-Stop window. See illustration below

              AQUASTOP indicator

              Clothing isn’t completely dried.

              Here are some troubleshooting tips so your clothes come out of the dryer completely dried:

              • Washing at higher RPM’s (rotations per minute) results in higher moisture extraction during the final spin cycle.
              • Select a drying program that is appropriate for the type of materials that are in the dryer:
                • Use cotton programs for cotton textiles
                • Use easy care programs for synthetic textiles
                • Clean the moisture sensors (located next to the lint filter) with a soft cloth and a tiny bit of white vinegar. Only white vinegar can be used.
                • Ensure that there is adequate ventilation.
                • Do not exceed the maximum load amount. Reduce the load amount.

              Dryer seems to run a long time.

              The initial moisture in the textiles may be too high. Make sure the appropriate spin speed is chosen when washing your textiles. Washing at higher RPM’s (rotations per minute) results in higher moisture extraction during the final spin cycle.

              Do not exceed the maximum load amount. Reduce the load amount.

              Ensure that there is adequate ventilation.

              Air condenser may be blocked (applies to condensation dryers only). Clean it with water. View our How-to-Videos on the Bosch YouTube Channel to learn how to clean your condenser. Or read instructions in our DRYER – CLEANING & CARE SECTION.

              The lint filter may be blocked. Remove lint regularly before and after every drying cycle.

            • How to get a new Use & Care Guide for an appliance.

              Enter your appliance’s Model Number (E-Nr) in our Owner Manuals section to download your Use & Care Guide. 

              Call Bosch Customer Support at 1-800-944-2904

              How to find your Model Number (E-Nr)

              Please click hereto locate the data tag on your appliance. The data tag contains your Model Number (E-Nr).

            • How to buy accessories & parts

              To buy accessories & cleaning products:

              - Go to the Bosch Accessories & Parts Store

              - Search for accessories & cleaning products by appliance category

              To buy parts:

              - Go to the Bosch Accessories & Parts Store

              - Search by appliance category. Click on PARTS SEARCH.

              - Enter your appliance’s Model Number (E-Nr) and click on START SEARCH.

              - You can find parts in two ways:

                        - View the line diagrams and click on the part you need

                        - View the chart below the diagram

              How to find your Model Number (E-Nr)

              Please click here to locate the data tag on your appliance. The data tag contains your Model Number (E-Nr).

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