Green Technology Inside

Technologies that improve our everyday lives, as well as the future

Bosch is committed to bring you the latest in resource-saving and sustainable products and technologies that not only improve our everyday lives, but our future too.

Recognizing that using a home appliance contributes to about 90% of an individual’s energy consumption at home, Bosch is committed to developing products that conserve resources and protect the environment. This guiding principle is both an obligation and an inspiration for Bosch to develop the most efficient household appliances and manufacture them according to ecological criteria. “Green Technology inside” denotes Bosch’s resource-saving technologies that improve the future increase and improve our quality of life on a daily basis.

Green is in the Bosch DNA.

Green is in the Bosch DNA, as inseparable from our company as efficient performance. So when you see "Green Technology Inside," we're saying that we've integrated innovative technology into our products to make them even more efficient—without sacrificing performance. What you might think of as green, we've always thought of as smart technology.

If you're looking for energy efficient appliances, look no further than Bosch. Not only are our eco-friendly appliances green. Join us in taking the pledge to live more energy efficient and environmentally friendly lifestyles.


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