Behind all big brands dwells a great history. The history of Bosch is based on the heritage of its founder; a visionary, for whom, only the amelioration of quality of life , justified the technological advancements.

In 1886, Robert Bosch said, “It’s better to lose money than to lose trust” , and since this date, the brand Bosch has never failed to this principal. Nowadays, Bosch still conceives reliable and trustworthy home appliances that make life easy. But winning and deserving trust means more: The investment in upcoming generations by shaping the future via concepts and products of great performance, all by daily protecting our precious environment
It is at this stage that the brand Bosch illustrates its strengths: a great alliance of quality, safety, ease of use, resources saving and design, to prevail as the reference of home appliances.

The Products

The only polyvalent brand in the Appliance market, Bosch offers a broad array of Master Domestic Appliances and Consumer Products, in contrast with other manufacturers who specialize in one category or the other.

The range includes Freestanding and Built-in products (Equipped Kitchens) on the medium and premium segment:
- Washing products (Washing Machines and Dishwashers)
- Cooling Products (Refrigerators and Freezers)
- Cooking Products (Ovens, Hobs and Hoods)
- Consumer Products (Breakfast sets, Food Processors, Vacuum Cleaners and Irons)

Brand Values

Innovation, reliability, longevity and high quality are the traditional values of Bosch on which base modernity and dynamism are interpreted.

The BOSCH Logo

The five letters in red capital of the brand BOSCH are systematically tied to the logo of the magneto. The magneto was introduced by Gottolb Honold, the first Bosch Technical Director, on the 1899 Daimler Phönix. This was followed by Benz, Mors , Turcat-Mery, and Nesseldorf, and soon was used on most cars up until about 1918 in low voltages (voltage for secondary coils to fire the spark plugs). The magneto, along with spark plug, is one of the two inventions that boosted the car industry in the twentieth century.


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