Robert Bosch was born in Albeck a small city near by Ulm in Germany. After completing his engineering studies, he opened at the age of 27, in Stuttgart, the “Mechanical Workshop for Electronic Precision”.

Since 1898, the first Bosch overseas subsidiary opened in Great Brittan, followed, eleven years later, by the creation of the first overseas factory in the United States.

In 1933, ten years before the eponym fonder deceased, the first home appliances production was launched with the Bosch refrigerators. They were followed by the introduction of washing machines in 1958 and dishwashers in 1964.


1933 : « Yes! It is round… so what? » said the conceivers of the first Bosch refrigerator during its presentation in the “Leipzig Spring Fair”, an apparatus in the form of a barrel weighting 80 Kg. another round invention came from Copenhagen the same year; the first traffic lights revealing the directions to be followed.

1949 : Ludwig Erhard became the first Minister of Economy of the German Federal Republic, while Bosch produced refrigerators expected to become indispensable products in home appliances.

1950 : Since the beginning of the year, the German Federal Republic supply rejuvenates. Bosch gives a taste to the kitchen by introducing the first electric culinary appliances.

1956 : Bosch reached the one million refrigerators produced.

1958 : Goal! While Bosch realizes a first of its kind move by introducing the first Top Loading Compact Washing Machine, the world of foot-ball discovers its new superstar during the world cup in Sweden. The 17 years old Brazilian, Pele, scores a series of goals.

1960 : The arrival of freezers presents new possibilities for food preservation. Ironically, winter never been so cold; in Switzerland, a historical exceptional low temperature was registered in Europe; minus 30° C!

1962 : Bosch gives a new style to the kitchen by presenting the first Built-in oven to the world. The world up-side-down: People could have breakfast in the jewelry shop and buy jewelry from Bosch… While Audrey Hepburn seduces the movie industry with “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” winning an Oscar in Hollywood, Bosch launches the World First Built-in oven: a fascinating jewelry for the kitchen.

1964 : Everyone is conscious about it… the inconvenience when we cook is the dishes. For this reason, the new Bosch dishwasher took off to conquer the market of home appliances. In the music industry, the Beatles show their triumph. The songs of these four boys prevailed and held the first five positions of the US hit-parade, an original and exceptional experience.

1972 : Since 1972, no need to watch the washer dryer anymore. It enchains automatically the washing and drying programmes. Folding is the only task left. In the same year VW produces its 15.007.634e BUG, exceeding the famous Ford “T Model”. The most popular car ever produced.

1978 : Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler succeeded in a breath-taking performance. For the first time in the history of mankind, two men reached the Everest summit without any technical assistance (without oxygen tank). In Bosch, nonetheless, time reached technological genuineness: the first electrical culinary robot, the food processor, with articulate arms, is elected novelty of the year, mainly due to its innovative design.

1984 : Speed in all kinds: the 2 in 1 oven mode is launched. Bosch invents its first Combination Oven Microwave, a compact model that cooks and grills at the same time. In the Los Angeles Olympic Games Carl Lewis wins the golden medal in 100 m, 200 m, 4 x 100 m and broad jump.

1987 : Thanks to the Multilanguage “dialogue system ", the Bosch washing machines adapt programmes according to the laundry. Moreover, they are equipped with the first automatic detergent distribution system.

1989 : The 9th of November entered history with the fall of the wall of Berlin. The Federal Republic and the Democratic Republic of Germany are finally reunited again to form one nation. For refrigerators, it was also the inception of a new era with the new technology of food preservation close to 0°C. Foodstuffs preserve their freshness two times longer.

1996 : Bosch re-launched the round refrigerator of the 50’s in white and also in other colors, coinciding with the UNICEF 50th anniversary.

1997 : Bosch invents the hob sensor, a world first innovation. Thanks to the infrared sensors temperature is automatically set to a close degree avoiding any risks of overcooking.

1999 : With a variable maximum capacity of 6Kg (20% more laundry) and a porthole of 30 cm with a 180° door opening, the new Bosch Maxx 6, front loading washing machine, adapts itself to all family needs, including big ones.

2002 : The 1st of January 2002, 12 European countries apply the united currency EURO. Parallel to that, three innovations allowed Bosch to revolutionize the world of Home Appliances: the QuatumSpeed saves up to 70% of the cooking time via illuminated waves’ technique, the AntiBacteria silver coating guarantees a total hygiene inside the refrigerator and the GlassProtect system washes even sensible glasses in a Bosch dishwasher with maximum precaution.


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