Legal Notes


This privacy policy statement sets out the company policy with respect to the collection, processing and storage of all data held by us.

We are a supplier of home appliances using both multiple and independent distributors (regarded as third party channels for data protection policy) to market and sell our products. We respect the privacy needs of our valued customers and are committed to safeguarding any data held by us.

Some of our email campaigns, micro-sites or websites offer links through to websites or email services such as the telephone 'contact me' service owned or operated by our distributors. We have no influence or control over distributor (third party) websites or email services and consequently we cannot take responsibility or liability for any privacy issues that arise on them, including the collection, processing or storage of any data. We would strongly recommend that anyone clicking through or selecting one of these websites or email services check for themselves the relevant privacy policy.

Using our services and submitting personal information

Through our Web sites, we will not collect any personal data about you (e.g. your name, address, date of birth), unless you voluntarily choose to provide us with it (e.g. by registration, survey, orders).Ifyou decide to fill in a form on one of our Web sites via a social sign-on link, personal data you have made publicly available on the selected social medium will be used to fill in the relevant online form. You will then be given the opportunity to check and correct/complete your details. We will not access any additional information (e.g. interests, hobbies, group affiliations) about you that may be available on that social medium.

When you submit your personal information to us we are obliged to tell you what we do with this information.

We use the information you submit to assess and monitor the effectiveness and success levels of the promotion, this information is used internally by ourselves.

Data we may collect

We may collect identifiable information about our contacts through the following means:

- The use of enquiry and registration forms
- Contact with companies via telephony or online
- Purchase of goods and services
- Contacts from our business partners (distributors and suppliers)

The elements of data that we collect and store generally includes the following:

- Name
- Address and postcode
- Telephone numbers (Mobile and fixed)
- Email address

We do not intend to collect any personal data that might be regarded as sensitive, such as relating to ethnic origin or helath or criminal convictions or personal financial information.

We also collect information automatically by collecting 'clicks' on information that send to our contacts. We use this information to measure overall interest in each area of marketing to enable us to focus more on those sectors that are most popular. We may also receive information through our server logs from web browsers, including the I.P. address.


This website and other Bosch Appliances websites that it may be linked to may use cookies to:

- Enable the signing in process to operate after you have registered with us - Enable us to estimate and report on our total audience size and traffic - Conduct research to improve our content and services

Cookies are small amounts of code, which are downloaded into a location within the recipient's computer and are configured so as to recognise the privacy settings that have been set up on that computer. By going to the 'help' function of the menu of your browser you should be able to configure your browser preferences to:

- Accept all cookies
- Reject all cookies
- Notify you when a cookie is set

If you reject the use of cookies please note that the efficient operation of this site may be affected.

Storing and deleting your personal information from our files

Your personal information is stored securely on our own servers, located within the Dubai and Germany. We believe our storage procedures are robust and secure but we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration will not occur.

Your personal information can be deleted from our database at your request by telephoning +971 4 8030400.

We do not sell your personal information on to third parties

All data is used either for the transmission of marketing messages, offers, promotions or information on behalf of Bosch Home Appliances (BSH Home Appliances FZE) and other wholly owned subsidiaries of the BSH Group. We do not sell or rent data to anyone.

We will disclose our corporate and personal data to appropriate bodies where we are required to do so in order to comply with any legal or regulatory obligations.

We will ensure that all personal information supplied is held securely, in accordance with the Data Protection Act © 2007.


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