10-year warranty

10 year warranty

Promises can be broken.

We make guarantees.

Get a 10-year warranty against rust through of inner tub for your Bosch dishwasher

Quality comes from experience.

No single appliance leaves our factory until it has been proven to meet our high standards of quality, performance and sustainability. This was Robert Bosch’s promise when he opened his first workshop in 1886, and this is the promise we strive to keep today. To help us achieve this, we are constantly developing new manufacturing processes.

Innovative ideas mean long-lasting products.

We have developed special surface treatments as well as production and joining technologies that are precisely tailored to the materials used in the interior of our dishwashers. We also use high-quality thin sheets of stainless steel. As a result, we are able to offer a 10-year warranty against interior rust-through on all of our dishwashers as standard.

Activate your 10-year warranty now..

Registering your new Bosch ActiveWater dishwasher and activating your warranty online is free, simple, and takes just a few minutes.

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