For deep down shine. Extra gentle styling with protective keratin formula.



LCD display. Important information at a glance.

Using the large LCD display, you can select the temperature and—depending on the model—other functions too, such as ionisation, the active button suspension, keratin mode and memory display can easily be viewed.

EasyLock. Faster — safer.

Saves time and improves safety simultaneously. Thanks to EasyLock, the appliance can be locked easily and securely. The appliance heats up faster when locked and can be easily and safely stored away after styling.

Flexible swivel joint. More movement.

Simple and practical. Straightener or curling tongs — the flexible swivel joint gives you even more freedom for creative styling. Greater flexibility and more comfortable handling.


Adjustable temperature. Individuality included.

The right temperature and optimum, gentle care for every hair type.

The temperature range can be adjusted from 100°C to 200°C — for even more gentle and personalised styling.


Auto Shut Off. Extra safety – automatically.

Thanks to the auto shut-off function the appliance is able to think for itself: If you forget to turn it off, then after a set period of time it will turn itself off automatically.


KeratinProtect. Strength and brilliance in a gentle process.

The keratin structure of the hair is very sensitive to heat. Styling your hair on a daily basis takes a lot out of it. Over time, the colour pigments in the hair will be destroyed and the hair will lose its strength and vibrant shine. The innovative KeratinAdvance Technology offers a solution: even with frequent styling, hair remains healthy and retains not only its colour but its vibrant shine.

ColourSaving. For expressive, long-lasting colour brilliance.

Innovative technology to maintain the naturally beautiful and healthy colour of your hair. The integrated ColourSaving colour protection system ensures that hair remains healthy and strong in the long term, as well as providing long-lasting colour brilliance. Even with intense styling on a daily basis, the hair remains healthy with a vibrant shine and full of vitality.

Heating plates with flexible mounting. Tailor-made for your hair.

Spring-mounted heating plates ensure optimum adaptation to your hair. They ensure

constant, uniform contact in any position, wherever the heating plates meet the hair. The result is effortless styling with perfect results every time.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
  • Wattage: 37 Watt
  • KeratinAdvance Technology: The scientifically recommended gentle temperature protects the protein keratin to maintain the healthy cell structure of the hair.
  • Color&Care Formula: the special, gentle keratin setting provides healthy, resistant hair and brilliant colors that last.
  • Temperature: 100-200 °C
  • Boost function up to 200°C
  • Anodized heating plates for extra gentle straightening, more shine and more durability
  • Plates with round edges for curls
  • Automatic shut-off after ca. Automatische Abschaltung: 72 minutes for more safety
  • Fast heating-up time: 25 s
  • Swivel cord for more mobility
  • colour: white, silver
  • Anti-Static-Effect due to permanant ionisation: Streams of ion reduce static charge. The hair can be combed easier and looks more straight and shiny.
  • LCD-Display with temperature indication
  • Key lock avoids unintended adjusting of temperature
  • Flexible plates for perfect adjustment to your hair
  • Better styling results and gentle to hair due to evenly spread heat of the plates
  • ON / OFF button with control light
  • Easy storage due to locking

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