Why Bosch Refrigerators?

Bosch Refrigeration products are packed with innovative features and storage solutions to keep food fresher for longer.

Bosch Refrigerators Range

Frost-free stylish refrigerators with Anti-Finger print door, Digital display and more storage space.

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Why Suitable for Indians


Temperature alarm

This warns users of the rise in refrigerator temperature in case of a power cut.

Big Crisper

This ensures larger space to preserve vegetables fresh for a longer time


Chiller with bottle holder

Bottles fit snugly without wobbling with this bottle holder


This maintains appropriate cooling temperatures inside the fridge irrespective of high temperatures outside


Reversible door hinges

This provides the choice of installing the door to open on either side.

Bosch refrigerators are packed with innovative features and are designed with customised features and functions, keeping in mind the Indian climate and various factors specific to consumer usage patterns and behaviour.


Bigger veggie boxes, bigger refrigerator ratio, more depth for more storage means you can store everything without cramping space.

Bosch refrigerators are a product of German design that has intuitive features around everyday usage patterns, keen attention to details and superior engineering.

More Design

This lifelong filter reduces significantly odours of smell-intensive food (garlic, fish, cheese or onions).

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