Why Bosch Washing Machines?

Washing Machines Range

Our Front Loading Washing Machines offer a range of special programmes ensuring superior wash quality. The energy efficient machines are available from 5.5 to 8 kg capacity.


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Why Bosch Washing Machines?

Outstanding engineering, in accordance with a responsible, value-oriented approach, assures that Bosch Washing Machines satisfy the highest customer standards. For they are characterized by work-saving innovations, advanced technology, excellent workmanship and exemplary design.




State-of-the-art Variosoft drum system provides power for heavy duty cleaning while being gentle on the fabric. It distributes water and detergent more efficiently and reduces soaking time.

Super Quick 15

A short 15-minute programme for 2kg of lightly soiled clothes. Quick in, quick out with a thorough wash.

Why to Bosch Washing Machine


If you’ve forgotten a few clothes, Reload lets you add or remove clothes early in the cycle.

3D Aqua Spa

This unique feature ensures superior washing results by bathing and showering your clothes for optimal care.



Auto Load Sensing

Bosch washing machines intuitively senses the amount of laundry and adapts water levels automatically.


All Bosch washing machines are designed with safety features like pressure-resistant supply hose, overflow prevention and electronic porthole lock to prevent unintentional opening.


Anti Crease

A feature that cares for your clothes by reducing creases and detangling clothes when they are washed.

Self Cleaning Detergent Drawer

Smooth walls and jet sprays ensure there won’t be any detergent residue left sticking to the drawer.


Our drums have a bigger volume capacity, leading to better wash quality.

Choose from a range of programmes designed for special fabrics, to save time, energy and for optimal cleaning.


All Bosch washing machines are designed to conserve energy, water and time depending on quantity and type of load.

Reduces the time taken for the wash by each programme (except woollen and quick programmes) up to 60% while maintaining superior washing quality.

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