Why Bosch Washing Machine?

Innovation that eases work, advanced technology, inspiring craftsmanship and exemplary designs make us the No. 1* Washing Machine brand in Europe.

Washing Machine Range

Our Front Loading Washing Machines offer a range of special programmes ensuring superior wash quality. The energy efficient machines are available from 5.5 to 8 kg capacity.

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Special Programmes



An intensive programme with a temperature range up to
90°C and a fast final spin.

Easy Care

Designed for synthetic fabrics which absorb minimal moisture and dirt. A range of temperatures up to 60°C and a gentle spin from 600rpm to 1000rpm ensures maximum care of all your laundry.


Mixed Load

Allows mixed fabrics and colour loads to be safely washed together. Capable of handling up to 3kg of washing and is ideal for wash time up to 1 hour.

Delicates / Silk

An gentle wash and spin cycle designed to protect silk and fragile items.



An exceptionally gentle woollen handwash programme, which runs at low rpm with a soft wash action and special spin phase that ensures everything stays in good shape.

Dark Wash

Designed specifically for dark clothes, and available across a range of temperatures, this programme reduces fading and ensures no flecks of washing powder remain on your clothes at the end of the wash.


Super Quick 15

A short programme of approximately 15 minutes for 2kg of lightly soiled washing, this is one of the shortest complete washing programmes of any machine in the market.


Thanks to VarioPerfectTM all our wash programmes are improved to give you the best possible wash performance. For particularly dirty items we have included a Prewash option on our Cottons and Easy Care programmes.



A programme for modern sports clothes with sportswear microfibre technology like those used in gyms, for cycling or jogging.

Night Wash

Designed for quiet running at night. Based on 4kg mixed load programme with an 800rpm final spin and using gentle dry mode.



By prolonging the maximum wash temperature, increasing the water level and adding an extra rinse, this programme reduces exposure to allergens that irritate sensitive skin.

Our drums have a bigger volume capacity, leading to better wash quality.

Choose from a range of programmes designed for special fabrics, to save time, energy and for optimal cleaning.


All Bosch washing machines are designed to conserve energy, water and time depending on quantity and type of load.

Reduces the time taken for the wash by each programme (except woollen and quick programmes) up to 60% while maintaining superior washing quality.

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