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Washing machine features

7kg capacity

Bigger washing capacity
for your growing laundry needs, thanks to our bigger drum size, without compromising the wash quality.


A clever feature that adjusts the level of water by sensing the amount of load. In fact, it reduces the water usage that helps reduce the usage of electricity. Not just that, it uses hot water to thoroughly remove the detergent residue and bacteria formed inside the wash drum, increasing the life of the machine and giving you a perfect washing experience.


Pre-activated SpeedPerfect

Offers you the shortest wash cycles across all programmes, saving you precious time by doing your laundry up to 65% faster yet giving you 100% washing performance. The best part is, it's already activated in our machines. In short, it reduces washing time, without compromising on washing quality. Up to 65% shorter wash cycle across all programmes with our new Pre-activated SpeedPerfect.

varioSoft drum


Its wave drum structure powers heavy duty washing while being gentle on your clothes. It distributes the water and detergent efficiently throughout the wash and reduces the soaking time. Also, its steep surface guides your laundry to the center of the drum, giving you a wash no one else can.


AntiVibration Design

Now enjoy watching TV while your washing machine works without much noise. The AntiVibration design of Bosch washing machines come with sidewalls that reduce vibrations during the spin cycle, and are designed to ensure the machine does not shake when in action.


AllergyPlus + ECARF

World's 1st washing machine with ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) certified programme to reassure you of a perfectly hygienic wash. It achieves this by using high water temperature to get rid of bacteria and pollen. Also, an extra rinse washes away the detergent residue left on your clothes. Just one push of a button, and no more allergies.



It's designed to intimate in case of voltage fluctuations by blinking whenever the voltage is low or the power supply is interrupted. When the current supply dips the machine automatically prolongs the wash cycle to adjust for the fluctuation. So from now on, voltage won't fluctuate your peace of mind.


Monsoon Programme

During monsoons clothes get wet and let out damp smell. This programme is designed to give up to 10% better drying efficiency with its final hot rinse and immediately followed by a spin. Clothes contain low residual moisture when hot clothes are spun at high speed, reducing the time required to dry your clothes.


Reload Function

We've all done it – left a sock on the stairs, then realised it's too late because the wash cycle started. Or perhaps you've put a red garment into a white wash by mistake. Now there's a solution to this problem: the Reload Function. It allows you to open the door early in the cycle to add or remove the offending items.



This unique feature is very effective in areas that receive soft water. Soft water leads to extra lathering that requires extra usage of water to ensure thorough rinsing of your clothes so that no detergent residue is left on them. WaterPlus is designed to increase the level of water during the wash and rinse cycle, making sure every wash is perfect.


Time Delay 24hrs

The Time Delay 24hrs function lets you delay your wash cycle between 1 to 24 hours, so you don't have to wait for it to finish. You can set the time and delay the wash cycle to give you fresh laundry, when you need it.


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