Since 1886, social responsibility has been a part of Bosch’s corporate mission. Respect for man and nature has always been the guiding principle of our work.

This principle is an impetus for us to develop energy-efficient home appliances and produce them in accordance with the ecological criteria. At Bosch, we are continuously driving our efforts to reduce the environmental impact that occurs during the lifecycle of a product, starting with the production and continues till the end-of-product life.

As a leading industrial company we are conscious of our responsibility towards society and the future generations. Our activities are in harmony with the environment, with focus on preserving values like trust and integrity, promoting human health and respecting the environment and natural resources – A commitment recognized by the German Sustainability Award 2008.


All production sites of Bosch Home Appliances are ISO 14001 certified.

Bosch supports the recycling eco-system. En 10 ans, Bosch a diminué le poids moyen de ses emballages de moitié et tous les produits sont recyclables jusqu'à 95%.In 10 years, Bosch has reduced the average weight of packaging by half and all products are recyclable up to 95%.

Usage phase

Up to 90% of the environmental impact of a home appliance occurs during the usage phase – from the energy, water and detergents consumed. Thus, cutting down the energy and water consumptions of our products has been always an integral part of our product development. In the past 15 years, we have succeeded in reducing the energy consumption of our appliances by three-fourth and the water consumption by 60%.

Furthermore, around 40 percent of our patent applications are aimed at protecting the environment and saving resources.


Home appliances have a life of 15 years on an average in every household. Besides offering a lifetime product service to these appliances, we also take care of our products even after the usage phase is over. Bosch, together with its partners, is ensuring the proper dismantling, recycling and disposal of its end-of-life appliances.

To enable you in supporting us and the environment, we have established a pick-up service for our end-of-life products. How does it work?

  1. Contact our hotline at 1-800-266-1880 (toll-free) for placing a request of getting your end-of- life Bosch home appliance recycled.
  2. Our call center agents will arrange the pick-up by our authorized partners from your location at your convenience.
  3. Your end-of-life Bosch home appliance will be recycled by our authorized partner.

For further information, please call our hotline at 1-800-266-1880 (toll-free).

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