• CrisperBox

    The manual humidity controls of the CrisperBox provide the flexibility to change humidity levels and is ideal for storing fruit and vegetables.

  • HydroFresh

    HydroFresh drawer with humidity control, allows you to choose the humidity levels depending on your vegetables and fruits. This control increases the shelf life of all your fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresh for long.

  • ChillerBox

    Ideal for storing fish and meat, The ChillerBox temperature is 3 - 4 °C lower than the rest of the fridge, ensuring the contents stay fresher for longer.

  • Multi Airflow

    This one-of-a-kind feature improves the circulation of air around, regulates the temperature and eliminates all possibilities of condensation by distributing temperature equally to all the shelves. No matter where you keep the food, your fridge will keep it fresh, at all times.

Even the thought of vegetables
getting old can cause our engineers to age.

When you think of refrigeration, just carry on thinking of delicious salads, fresh fruit and cool drinks. Because we've already given plenty of thought to innovative systems to keep food fresher, flexible interiors ,easy loading and unloading, and energy-efficient technologies.

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Top freezer or Bottom freezer: Make your choice.

Top freezer or Bottom freezer: Make your choice.

If you need to take food from the freezer fairly often, we recommend a top freezer. And, if not, then go for bottom freezer. In bottom freezer, the cooling section is straight in front of you, at eye level. You can remove chilled food without bending down.

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Introducing HydroFresh: keep your food fresher for up to 2X longer.

It’s an engineering wonder. The HydroFresh compartments are designed such a way that they have higher humidity and lower temperature than the rest of the fridge. This helps to prolong freshness, texture and taste, keeping your food fresher for up to 2x longer. 

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CrisperBox: Maintains humidity & keeps food fresher for longer.

CrisperBox: Maintains humidity & keeps food fresher for longer.

The CrisperBox provides your vegetables with the optimum amount of humidity, not more not less; thus keeping them fresh and crisp at all times. With different sliders on the drawers, you can also control the amount of circulation you want, depending on what you store in there. Be it fruits, leafy vegetables or hardy vegetables like cabbage, carrots; you can adjust the sliders and keep them fresh all the time. 

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ChillerBox: Load it once & enjoy fresh meat everytime.

The ChillerBox is a safe place to keep fish, meat and sausages: A cold current of air from the freezer section creates a temperature in the ChillerBox that is lower than in the rest of the refrigerator. Perishable food stays fresh here for much longer. The ChillerBox is also absolutely ideal for chilling drinks.

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So much space for food and bottles. <br>But no room for clutter and compromises.

So much space for food and bottles.
But no room for clutter and compromises.

The interior design of our fridges and freezers offers you freedom, a clear view and easy filling and emptying. If you need more height, for a large vegetable for instance, flexible shelving allows you to create the space you need. The shelves are easy to reach, which makes placing food inside a real pleasure, because they can be pulled right out. That means that even the jam jar right at the back is always easy to reach. With the optimum 80:20 Fridge Freezer ratio we have maximised space where it is most required.

How do you achieve optimum energy efficiency with a fridge-freezer?
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Make sure that there is enough space for ventilation underneath and at the back of your fridge-freezer. This will keep the power requirement down.

What should I check in particular when installing the fridge-freezer?
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The floor on which your fridge-freezer stands must be level. In this way, you can ensure that it is installed horizontally and the door always closes perfectly.

What are the options for small recesses?
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If your recess is too small to meet your needs, you can replace your old built-in appliance with a free-standing one. You can fit a steam oven and warming drawer into the cleared recess, or simply use it for additional storage.

What is the difference between integrated appliances and appliances with a decor panel?
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The standard unit front made by your kitchen manufacturer is attached to an integrated appliance. With appliances with a decor panel, a decor panel matching your unit fronts can be slipped into a panel frame.

What are the options when it comes to door technology?
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Slider-type hinge
With slider-type hinges, the unit front is fixed to the appliance door with a sliding connection.

All-in-one hinge
With an all-in-one hinge, the unit front and the appliance door are solidly connected. This means that the opening angle is wider and that the hinge can take heavier loads.

All-in-one hinge with professional door buffer.
A soft insert can be added to the all-in-one hinge technology.
The slider-type hinge can be replaced with a modern all-in-one hinge when the appliance is changed.



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