Bosch Ovens
For all baking needs

If you like to bake, roast and grill often, you should opt for a convection oven, These ovens have a fan at he back that forces air circulation through out the oven, cooking food more evenly. An oven comes with a variety of heating options that lets you defrost, slow cook and even make pizzas.

Easy to Clean

Bosch ovens have been designed with a removable door which can be easily taken out for convenient cleaning after usage.


Unlike other ovens, the outer glass-door of Bosch ovens remains cool even while baking at high temperatures. This gives added safety, since the door can be touched from outside while the oven is operational. The triple glass-door ensures the door surface temperature is kept as low as possible. The child lock prevents the door from opening unintentionally.


To give your kitchen an elegant, consistent look, choose an oven that matches with your other kitchen appliances. Bosch ovens are designed with drop-down doors for easy opening and handling of food, soft close doors with Cool Touch that keeps the door’s surface temperature as low as possible.

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