Bosch Hoods
Perfected for India

Bosch hoods are fitted with highly durable stainless-steel baffle filters. Presently the largest in size, they offer wider coverage of the hobs and better suction  no matter how big or small your kitchen is. Besides, the motors have been engineered to generate more power, thus sucking up smoke and odour generated by Indian cooking, without making much noise.

Mode of circulation

Bosch hoods are available in recirculation and ducting mode. A re-circulation hood is ideal for large kitchens where as smaller kitchen should opt for a duct-based hood.

Efficient Suction Power

Your chosen hood must have enough power to suck out fumes and cooking odour from your kitchen; ideally changing the kitchen air at least 10 times every hour. The essential suction capacity is determined by the volume of the kitchen. Kitchen volume (H x W x D) x 10 (air/hour changes) = Suction capacity of the hood.


Bosch hoods come in a wide range of designs such as pyramid, slim pyramid, box, slim box and straight, all available in 60-90 cms in stainless steel as well as glass.

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