Bosch Hobs
Perfected for India

We believe what looks perfect, must also work perfect. Our gas hobs, for instance, is a startling example of our obsession with perfection. They have been re-engineered with triple-flame burners to give you the best possible distribution of flame. Just so that your Rotis, Phulkas and Chapatis puff up perfectly, not once or twice, but as many times as you make them.

Easy to Clean

A hob that comes with easy-to-remove pan supports makes cleaning of liquids and food that much easier. Also, choose a hob that is fitted with rubber gaskets around the switches to ensure there’s no water seepage while cleaning.


Safety is not an option while cooking with gas. Ensure that your gas hob is engineered with the latest safety functions, such as the Flame Failure Device which cuts off gas supply in case the flame accidentally extinguishes.


Our gas hobs are crafted using durable stainless-steel and flawless  black-glass, both of which complement almost all colours of cabinets. You may choose a hob that goes well with the color and material of your cabinets or other kitchen appliances for a seamless, elegant look.

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