How to choose a Dryer

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Dryer performance considerations

Dryer performance is based on how quickly it dries your clothes. Dryer efficiency is based on how low the operating cost is, while giving good performance. With wrinkle-free options, moisture sensors and the lowest possible dryer energy guide rating, our dryers fit the bill.

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Must-have features for dryers

Moisture sensors that adjust the drying time, option that lets you choose from regular, more or less dry. Add to that a cool-down period at the end of the cycle, Bosch dryers are the best deal to save time and energy.

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Dryer convenience features

Dryer lint filter position: Situated below the door opening, the lint trap is within your vision at all times, so that you are more likely to empty it each time you use the dryer.

Dryer quiet package: Noise levels in Bosch dryers are as low as 61dB, which makes it excellent on noise reduction.

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When space is an issue

Choose a stacking kit as it is very convenient. The tumble dryer is mounted at a very appropriate height for loading/unloading. Choose the basic one or the advanced one which includes a pull-out shelf for putting the laundry on.



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