Why Bosch Dryers?

A hassle-free and hygienic way to dry your clothes in any season at any time. Get perfect drying without any dampness and keep the quality of your clothes intact.

Bosch Dryer Range

Don’t have a dry balcony or want to avoid ducting hassles? Go for Condenser Dryer. If you have a dry balcony or open space, Go for Air-vented dryer.

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How to choose a Dryer

Our guide helps you choose the right dryer that suits your lifestyle by different parameters for you to consider.

Dryer Performance Considerations

Dryer performance deals with how well and how quickly the dryer will dry your clothes. Dryer efficiency is measured by how good the performance is at a low operating cost. Choose a high performance and efficient dryer by selecting a dryer with moisture sensors, wrinkle-free options for less ironing, temperature options, and the lowest possible dryer Energy Guide Rating.

Must-have Features for Dryers

Dryer moisture sensors that adjust the drying time required, or allow you to custom select Regular, More or Less dry, have similar benefits - reducing drying time and energy use. A cool-down period at the end of the cycle reduces wrinkles, saving you ironing time.

Dryer Convenience Features that are nice to have

Dryer lint filter position: Bosch Dryers come with the lint trap placed below the door opening, where it can be easily seen when taking clothes out of the machine. With this placement, you are more likely to empty it each time you run the dryer.

Dryer quiet package: If your dryer will be placed near the bedroom, look for a model excellent on noise reduction. Bosch Dryers noise levels are as low as 61dB. Extra options and dryer cycles like Preset, Speed Dry, More, Less, are desirable features.

When space is an issue - Look for a stacking option!

When you’re short on space, a stacking kit provides the answer. It’s an ergonomic solution too, because the tumble dryer is mounted at a convenient height for loading and unloading. Choose either the basic kit or the version that includes a pull-out shelf for putting the laundry on.

Bosch Dryers feature a list of special programmes in order to take care of your clothes, save time and energy.


Unlike other dryers you can put a condenser dryer anywhere in your home because it does not require a vent in the wall

Our guide helps you choose the right dryer that suits your lifestyle by different parameters for you to consider.


The airflow system creates an efficient and caring drying environment, and uniformly dries even the most delicate fabrics carefully without creasing.

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