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Bosch in every Detail: Our home appliances represent unbeatable performance, uncompromising quality .

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Your fabric deserve a gentle yet clean wash, which is why we at Bosch craft our machines to achieve both. Not only that, our machines are engineered to deliver the best wash up to 65% faster, saving lot of your precious time. The drying efficiencies are up to 10% more, giving you faster results. So no more worrying about your favourite clothes. With Bosch, you are guaranteed a soft, hygienic, and clean wash every single time.

Fast forward your wash.
It is a common misconception that longer the wash, cleaner the clothes will be. Bosch Washing Machines are here to prove them wrong. Our machines not only provide your fabric with a soft and gentle wash, but also a faster wash, saving up to 65% of washing time. To add to it, we also guarantee up to 10% better drying efficiency. So rest assured about your fabrics, as Bosch takes your clothes for a soft, warm and clean spin.

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We all want to feed our families and ourselves as healthily as possible. This starts with our shopping and goes right through to preparation. But it's also important to retain valuable vitamins and nutrients in our foods in the time in between. That's why we developed HydroFresh technology, for example, which keeps our fruit and vegetables crisp, fresh and healthy for up to twice as long. And it's good for the environment too – because it means that we throw less food into the waste bin too.

Fresh food stays fresh for longer.
Freshness depends on temperature and humidity. If you increase the humidity in the fridge, for example, fruit and vegetables stay fresh for longer. And that's exactly how our HydroFresh system works: Humidity is kept at a higher level in the HydroFresh compartment of the fridge. Depending on type and quantity, this can be adjusted with a slide control. In this way, fruit and vegetable stay fresh, crisp and full of vitamins for up to twice as long.

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The most important thing a dishwasher needs to provide is sparkling, clean dishes. But small children and allergy-sufferers need more – for them, everything has to be hygienically clean. That's why we've developed technologies for our dishwashers that not only produce brilliantly clean results but also wash with anti-bacterial efficiency.

High temperatures for maximum safety.
Sparklingly clean doesn't necessarily mean hygienically clean. Because most bacteria only die at temperatures of 70°C and above. Which is why our special HygienePlus function washes at extra high temperatures over an extended period, ensuring that baby bottles, chopping boards, glasses and cutlery are hygienically clean and offering maximum safety for you and your loved ones.

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Even at its highest power level, low noise performance ensures comfortable cooking. No matter how big or small your kitchen is or how long your cooking sessions last, Bosch hoods are here for optimum performance and noiseless, efficient service.

Removes unpleasant smells with less noise.
Bosch hoods are fine tuned to generate 800 to 1000 m3/h of power and that too while being extremely low on noise levels. No matter how big or small your kitchen is, the performance of Bosch hoods will make cooking a truly de-stressing experience for you.

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We can't cancel out everyday life for you. But we can make it much easier for you – by offering you absolute peak performance. Because Bosch home appliances represent uncompromising quality, technical perfection and maximum reliability.

The new Bosch corporate film "Bosch in every detail" impressively illustrates the link between uncompromising quality and the advantageous objective of achieving "simply the perfect result". The music for the film was created by Robert Robster Henke aka STOMAX. The richly varied sound that comes from this Berlin-based music produced is based on a mix of different influences, from hip hop, electro, 80s and classic music.

Bosch in every detail means making life easier for you.
For us, premium quality means much more than high-quality materials and first-class workmanship. We devote 100% of our concentration, passion and attention to detail to every one of our work phases, from the first design through the tiniest spare part to our advice and customer services. Because only by doing this can we guarantee the quality that everyone throughout the world knows and expects from Bosch home appliances.



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