Why Bosch Dryers?

A hassle-free and hygienic way to dry your clothes in any season at any time. Get perfect drying without any dampness and keep the quality of your clothes intact.

Bosch Dryer Range

Don’t have a dry balcony or want to avoid ducting hassles? Go for Condenser Dryer. If you have a dry balcony or open space, Go for Air-vented dryer.

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Special Programmes

Bosch Dryers feature a list of special programmes designed to make life easier. They take care of your clothes, save time and energy and give you options to suit your need and lifestyle.


The Super40 Drying Programme

This programme chooses the best possible temperature and cooling down phase to make sure that clothes that have been washed with the Rapid15 quick wash cycle are perfectly dry in just 40 minutes.


The Mixture programme is used when you want to dry a small load or when you want to mix less delicate cotton and viscose or synthetic textiles together.


Woollens Finish

The wool finish cycle from Bosch fluffs up and dries delicate wool fabrics for a few minutes at a reduced temperature. Leaving woollens looked after and fluffy.

Anti-crease Cycle

The Anti-crease programme reduces the burden of ironing. A gentle drum action automatically separates and smoothes your garments to keep them wrinkle-free.


Revolution Drying

Bosch Dryers have an airflow system that creates an efficient and caring drying environment. This ensures great care for even the most delicate fabrics, and uniform drying without creasing.

Bosch Dryers feature a list of special programmes in order to take care of your clothes, save time and energy.


Unlike other dryers you can put a condenser dryer anywhere in your home because it does not require a vent in the wall

Our guide helps you choose the right dryer that suits your lifestyle by different parameters for you to consider.


The airflow system creates an efficient and caring drying environment, and uniformly dries even the most delicate fabrics carefully without creasing.

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