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Money back offer –

Our dishwashers are up to any challenge. The easiest being meeting your expectations. Here's how confident we are in our Dishwashers. If you don't love it, we'd love to give your money back.

Cashback offer –

To all our valued customers, we've got more for you. Write a review on your Dishwasher purchased between 20th March and 31st May 2014 and we'll reward you with `1,000 cashback.

  • Perfected for the Indian utensils

    Our dishwashers are specially adapted to wash all your everyday utensils including kadhais, pressure cookers, steel ware, glassware, and porcelain.

  • Say goodbye to stubborn Indian masala stains

    Dishes are washed at a higher temperature and pressure to fight the stubborn oil and grease stains of Indian cooking. Each dish is given the perfect rinse for that sparkling clean result.

  • Save time when in hurry: VarioSpeed

    If you're in a hurry, the new VarioSpeed option allows you to reduce the wash cycle time by 50% without compromising on the quality of wash.

  • Say goodbye to heavy soiling: IntensiveZone

    Heavily soiled vessels often require more intensive washing than other dishes. The IntensiveZone in the bottom basket has a power spray and its increased water temperature removes stubborn residue easily.

  • Wash a mixed load of soiled vessels at the push of a button: Automatic Programme

    Depending on how soiled your vessels are, the programme determines the turbidity of soiled water and washes a mixed load at a regulated temperature. This optimizes water and electricity consumption for each wash cycle.

  • Wash dishes at your own convenience: Half Load Option

    Your dishwasher doesn't have to be full every time. To avoid wastage of energy and water, you can opt for the half load wash instead of waiting to accumulate a full load.

Money Back Offer*


Buy a Bosch dishwasher from an authorized Bosch Home Appliance dealer between March 20th March and 31st May 2014.


Installation and service shall be done by the technicians authorized by BSH Home Appliances Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.


In case you are not satisfied with the dishwasher, SMS 'BOSCH TCO' to 575758 within 30 days of product installation from your registered mobile number.


A Bosch service engineer from the company verifies whether the machine is not damaged and is in good condition.


Subject to receipt of verification from the company, you can approach the dealer within a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the confirmation, along with the original invoice and claim the refund amount (which is the invoice amount minus one thousand rupees).

For a detailed understanding of the offer, please refer the Terms and Conditions or SMS 'BOSCH ATI' to 575758

Review Caskback Offer*


Purchase a new Bosch Dishwasher from an authorized Bosch Home Appliances dealer in India between 20th March and 31st May 2014.


Participate in the Bosch Review Cashback Offer by writing a review regarding the Dishwasher on


Last date for receiving the review is 15th June 2014. The review can be positive, negative or neutral. The use of inappropriate or offensive language is not permitted in the review.


Once the review is written, the company will verify the consumer data internally.


After verification, if the review complies all requirements, the company will send an email confirmation validating the review and requesting the customer details of his back account, IFSC code and PAN card no. etc.


The customer can submit the details of his back account via a return email on for transferring the cashback.


The cashback will only be validated and paid if the customer name on the invoice matches the bank account details provided. Failure to provide matching details will result in email notification offering the opportunity to provide the required details within 7 days. If the participant still fails to comply, the claim for cashback will be marked as invalid.


The money will be paid by 5th July 2014.

Customers who returns the Bosch Dishwasher under the Bosch Money Back Offer will not be eligible to participate in the Review Cashback Offer. The customer can write the review but will not be paid the money under the RCBO if he/she returns the DW under the Money Back Offer after writing the review.

For any further details contact us:
Toll-free: 1800-266-1880
Mon-Sat: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm


The Money Back Offer (hereafter called the MBO) for the Bosch Dishwashers (hereafter called DW) by BSH Household Appliances Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd (the Company) is subject to the following terms and conditions:


This offer is valid for purchases made from 20th March and 31st May 2014 only.


To avail this offer, the customer needs to buy a Bosch DW from the authorized Bosch Home Appliances dealer in India and the installation and service shall be done by the technicians authorized by the Company.


In case a customer is not satisfied with the DW, SMS 'BOSCH TCO' must be sent to 575758 within 30 days from the date of installation of the DW.


No claim/return will be accepted by the company/dealer if the customer fails to send the SMS as above within 30 days from the date of installation of the DW.


Subject to the satisfaction of all the conditions above, return of the DW can only be made by the customer if there is no damage to the DW and it is maintained in good condition without any physical/aesthetic defect and is used according to the usage instructions prescribed in 'Bosch Operating Instruction Manual' provided along with the DW. The installer/ customer service representative of the company will check the DW before accepting the return. The MBO shall not be applicable if there is any physical/aesthetic damage (including dents, scratches etc). The decision of the Company in respect to the acceptability of the DW and other conditions mentioned above shall be final and be binding on the customer.


Utensils not suitable for DW are mentioned in the 'Bosch Operating Instruction Manual'.


In case the return is accepted by the Company.


Rs.1,000/- will be deducted as transportation and handling charges from the invoice amount and the balance amount will be returned to the customer by the dealer.


After sending the SMS in the format prescribed, the customer will receive a confirmation from the Company via email.


After receipt of the confirmation from the Company, the customer shall approach the Dealer from where the DW has been purchased within a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the confirmation, along with the original invoice and claim the refund amount (which is the invoice amount minus one thousand rupees).


For optimal performance the DW should be used with dishwashing detergent, rinse aid and dishwasher salt recommended for Dishwashers.


The Bosch DWs are available for sale without this offer also.


The company reserves the right to withdraw the MBO at any point of time without any prior notice.


By participating in this contest, the Customer agrees to all the terms and conditions herein above.


This offer is non-negotiable and cannot be coupled or clubbed with any other offer prevailing during the offer period.


The MBO shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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