The revised BEE Star Rating - for higher energy efficiency

Since 1886, social responsibility has been a part of Bosch’s corporate mission. Respect for man and nature has always been the guiding principle of our work. This principle is an impetus for us to develop energy-efficient home appliances and produce them in accordance with the ecological criteria. At Bosch, we are continuously driving our efforts to reduce the environmental impact that occurs during the lifecycle of a product, starting with the production and continues till the end-of-product life, including the energy consumption during the usage phase.

Up to 90% of the environmental impact of a home appliance occurs during the usage phase – from energy, water and detergents consumed. Thus, cutting down the energy and water consumptions of our products has been always an integer part of our product development.

Since its introduction by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in 2009, the energy star rating for Frost Free Refrigerators has been providing information about the energy consumption and thereby, indicatively, about the cost saving potential of the products to help customers make informed purchase decisions. For this, the energy label provides besides the volume of the product, also the certified star rating and the annual electricity consumption*.

Effective from 1st January 2014 a new, stricter energy star rating system will be applicable for Frost Free Refrigerators, with a new parameter table:

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*measured under standard test conditions

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