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HomeProfessional: Highest fiber protection with the most efficient dryers from Bosch

In autumn 2011, Bosch unveiled its new HomeProfessional laundry care product line.

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HomeProfessional: Highest fiber protection with the most efficient dryers from Bosch

  • NEW: HomeProfessional – laundry care series with particularly efficient appliances
  • NEW: Energy efficiency record for dryers – "A -60%" and also the continued highly efficient "A -50%" model
  • NEW: Perfectly matching design with the HomeProfessional washing machines

Munich – In autumn 2011, Bosch unveiled its new HomeProfessional laundry care product line – washing machines and dryers that are functionally and aesthetically coordinated with one another. The dryers are additionally appealing due their high efficiency that they have their advanced interior technology to thank for. Depending on the requirement, Bosch offers one machine with the "A -50%" efficiency rating and one model with the "A -60%" rating. The latter is so efficient when it comes to electricity that it is aptly referred to as the new "energy-savings world champion" among dryers.

Fiber protection affects climate protection

Both dryers from the HomeProfessional family pursue the same goal: using the least amount of energy to effectively dry and protect your laundry.

ActiveAir technology – the efficient heat pump technology – ensures active fiber protection thanks to a large drum that can wash up to eight kilograms of laundry and the specially shaped, rounded carrier. But more than anything, its many drying programs meet the needs of diverse textiles, from jeans to hand towels and stuffed animals. The EcoSilence compressor inside the machine ensures that protecting fibers no longer consumes more energy, rather less. Due to the most modern technologies, it turns off automatically when not in use.

Dryers made to measure

Moreover, the "A -60%" machine is the first dryer that comes with VarioPerfect. It can be used to set priorities depending on the situation and budgeted time. If time is not an issue, EcoPerfect is the right solution because this mode requires a somewhat longer operating time but uses minimum energy. For those in a hurry, SpeedPerfect shortens the drying time with a slightly higher energy demand. Both premium appliances are equipped with highly modern features. For the first time in home appliances, a clear, high-resolution TFT display is used with an easy-to-read gray scale display, LEDs show the program selection and brighten up the drum. The selection of comfort knob selectors with integrated ON/OFF switch is uncomplicated and therefore comfortable to use. Besides that, both dryers are easy to use and require almost no maintenance. Their patented, self-cleaning condenser remains free of lint, thus gaining its efficiency for the entire service life of the machine –  unlike dryers with conventional condensers whose power consumption already increases with each second dryer cycle without cleaning.

Ideal partners for the HomeProfessional washing machines

Both dryers are designed to perfectly match the washing machines from the HomeProfessional product line, especially in the design of the door and control panel, as well as the operating logic. Due to its design fit, both types of devices can be set up easily in bathrooms or multi-purpose areas either next to each other or one on top of the other, even the door stop on the dryer can be switched over depending on the space situation. Whichever machine you choose: Dryers have never been so efficient, aesthetic and done a better job protecting your laundry!

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