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Combination steam oven

The steam oven with hot air function: lets you combine gentle cooking with the power of hot air.


  • HBC36D754B
  • HBC36D754B
  • HBC36D754B
  • HBC36D754B
  • HBC36D754B
  • HBC36D754B
  • HBC36D754B

Steam oven: enables especially gentle steaming and baking, which can also be used in combination.

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Energy efficiency A (-20%): best baking results with especially low energy consumption.

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AutoPilot70: every dish is a perfect success thanks to 70 pre-set automatic programmes.

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Flap door: for especially convenient opening and closing of the oven door.

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  • Product features

      • Features
      • Colour display: red
      • Rotary Control, Knobs illuminated, Start button, Joystick, Cylinder, Pop-out controls
      • with Shelf support rails, 4 PC slide-in level and Cavity volume EU03: 35 l
      • Full glass inner door
      • heating-up control, autom. temperature proposal, actual temperature display, automatic programming, memory function;autom. boiling point detection, Cleaning help, Descaling programme
      • Steam 100% 35 °C till 100 °C,Hot Air 30 °C till 230 °C, Hot air + steam 120 °C till 230 °C
      • Functions: Regeneration, fermentation, Defrost, gentle cooking, pre-heating, warming
      • 70 automatic programming
      • Inside cavity
      • Door design: U panel application
      • Residual heat indicator
      • Water tank with 1.3 l
      • Water Level Indicator Yes
      • Child lock, Safety switch
        • Technical Information
        • Connecting cable with plug, 130 cm
        • Construction type: built-in
        • Dimensions of the product (HxWxD): 454 x 595 x 550 mm
        • Required niche size for installation: 450 mm x 560 mm x 550 mm
        • Total connected load electric: 1.9 KW

        • Technical specs

          • Ovens - general
          • How do steam convection ovens work?

            The Steam and Convection Oven features a 1.4 quart water tank that needs to be filled with tap water and inserted into the oven prior to use.

            When the oven is turned on to Steam or Combination Mode, the water flows through a small water pipe into a reservoir located at the bottom of the oven cavity. There it is heated up via an electric element that sits below the reservoir.

            After the water reaches the boiling point of 212°F it starts to generate steam in the cavity.

            Steam carries latent energy that is released as soon as it encounters cooler food, so the energy from the steam is transported directly to the food. Because the density of steam is higher compared to hot air, it is also possible to cook at lower temperatures compared to normal cooking. (For example, compare sitting in a normal sauna at a temperature of 120°F to sitting in a steam sauna at 120°F – the steam sauna will feel much hotter. That physical phenomenon is used in steam cooking.)

            The overall advantages of cooking with steam include:

            • Better browning of meat.
            • No more dried out food.
            • Vegetables keep more vitamins and nutrients.
            • Reheats food better than a microwave, as the food retains moisture, flavor and texture.

            What kinds of food can be cooked in a steam convection oven?

            A large variety of foods can be cooked in the steam convection oven. Of course this includes vegetables but it also includes roasted chicken and meats, seafood, hard-cooked egg, bread and pastries. Steam cooking retains vitamins and minerals better than traditional boiling in water.

            How do I convert regular recipes for the steam convection oven?

            In general, the cooking time is decreased by a quarter. For example: if it takes a chicken 1 hour to roast in a traditional oven, it will take about 45 minutes in a steam convection oven.
            Also, the denser the food, the quicker it will cook. This means that denser foods like casseroles and turkeys will cook even faster.

            Does the steam convection oven have any special installation considerations?

            No, the steam oven is non-plumbed so it doesn’t need to be connected to any water lines.

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